The best outdoors playground in Southern New Hampshire

Over the summer I ran a race through a local park I knew little about called Bear Brook State Park.  I’ve since come to believe that park may be the best outdoors destination in Southern New Hampshire.

The park is a paradise for anyone who runs, hikes or bikes.  According to the NH State Parks website, this is the largest developed park in the state, with 40+ miles of trails in an area greater than 10,000 acres.  There is plenty of flowing single track and snow mobile trails,  hill climbing (Catamount Hill, Hall Mountain and lots of other ups, downs and ridge trails) and many stretches that just meander through the woods.

There are a number of places to park, especially along Podunk Rd.  Use the trail map to help determine where you should park.  Trail descriptions are also available, courtesy of NH State Parks.

Bear Brook also offers swimming, camping and boating in the summer and snowmobiling and cross country skiing in the winter.

Warning: there is a lot of water in this park.  In the warmer months, the deer flies come in flesh devouring swarms.  If you want to brave the park in late spring or summer, try these Deer Fly Patches, they really work!



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