If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change

That’s how the saying goes in New Hampshire.  This week it held true, with the weather going from snow, to rain, to sun and one time doing all three at once.  As awful as that sounds, it actually allowed me to have two completely different, but thoroughly enjoyable runs on consecutive mornings.

Run 1:

Friday I got up early for an eight-mile run before work.  The sky was clear, so I decided to run down the rail trail to Lake Massabesic because it’s beautiful there in the morning (and evening).  I reached the lake shoreline just after the sun rose and enjoyed the brilliant early-spring landscape bathed in deep orange made me think of the coming summer warmth.  I also saw several different bird species, including a family of ducks out for a morning swim.

Massabesic at sunrise

Run 2:

Saturday dawned gray and instead of running east on the Manchester rail trail, I ran west on the Goffstown one.  By the time I hit the road, an icy snow was falling.  At first I thought it was a bummer, but once I was in the woods, the snow had a muting affect on the atmosphere and I ran along the trails in peaceful silence and solitude.  I even saw a red-tailed hawk with it’s prey grasped it’s claws!

So, next time you don’t like the New Hampshire weather, try to find the positives in it, you might be surpised.  And if you can’t do that, just wait five minutes, the weather’s sure to change.


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