New favorite energy gel

This post was inspired by fellow Word Press blogger On and Off Rhodes.

Peanut Butter GU

I used to hate GU.  That was before I tried their new peanut butter-flavored energy gel.

Normally, the combination of GU’s consistency and poor flavors has me keeping GU products at an arms length (I’ve even supplied my own energy gels when I’ve found out races are offering GU).  But something about the peanut butter-flavored gel is excellent.

The consistency between the GU formula and peanut butter is very similar and the energy gel nails the flavor on the head.  The contents still have that awful, unnatural texture when first entering the mouth, but once in there, things taste as they should.  One downside is that this flavor does not contain caffeine.

While GU still ranks pretty low, overall, in my ranking of energy gels, their peanut butter-flavored gel is now one of my favorites.  If you’re looking for something with caffeine, I’d recommend Power Bar flavors (my favorite is Strawberry Banana).

Peanut Butter GU Nutrition Label


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