Spring training

With a mild New Hampshire Winter, and Spring just around the corner, now’s a good time to start spring training a little earlier than usual.  Here are five ideas, with a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, to get a jump on the warmer months.

  1.  Find the tallest building in town and do stair repeats – Manchester has several.   I prefer the Brady Sullivan Plaza Tower.  It’s open to the public and has about 25 stories (sub-basement to roof).  This is a great alternative to the Stair Master as long as it doesn’t make you dizzy.  It also allows you to engage those muscles you need for the pounding descents on the trails.
  2. The power of human locomotion – It’s my opinion that the ability of the human body as a transport mechanism is highly underestimated.  If you live close to where you work, bust out that bike, or try walking or jogging to work.  With the temperatures where they have been, it’s easy to do this comfortably without arriving to work nasty and smelly.
  3. Find a running buddy – This is a classic standby, and my favorite solution, for the short days of Winter.  If I’m lacking motivation to go out after dark, I’ll hook up with a buddy or two to get my miles in.  Plus, long runs are almost always better with a couple of friends.
  4. Hill repeats… on a treadmill – No one loves getting on a treadmill.  They’re boring, mind-numbing, joy-depriving inventions.  But they’re also a saving grace when the days are short and the weather is frigid.  To make it more interesting, try mixing it up with varying hill repeats.  Changing the inclines and speeds at different intervals keeps your mind and body engaged with what’s going on and can make a tedious task into something enjoyable.
  5. For those last few frigid days – Don’t neglect your core and stability muscles.  Use the days when the thermometer dips low to stay indoors and focus on your core strength and stabilizing muscles.  Check your favorite entertainment streaming service for a variety of class-based workouts.

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