Cross country skiing

Cross Country Ski Trail

The snow mobile corridors running through Auburn, NH, make for excellent cross country skiing just a short drive from Manchester, NH

With snowfall in short supply in New Hampshire this year, I thought my fall plans of spending the winter learning to cross country ski might totally fall through.  Thankfully by January 21st there was  finally enough snow on the ground to give skiing a shot.

The snow flakes were falling steadily when my friends and I met up at the trail head for the snow mobile corridor and FOMBA trails on Depot Rd. in Auburn, NH.  I had to make some quick adjustments to my loaner gear, but it wasn’t long before we were all strapped into our skis and headed down the trail.

As this was my first time out on skis of this sort, it took me a bit to catch on to the motion.  To be honest, I struggled most of the way as I attempted to coordinate my arms and legs, poles and skis.  I worked hard to keep up with the group at first, but  caught on soon enough and was able to stay with everyone, even if it wasn’t very graceful.

Despite my shortcomings as a cross country skier, I had a blast.  I only fell a handful of times and it was a nice way to switch things up from running all the time.  We covered about four miles at a comfortable pace and got to see some local sled dog teams practicing.  Pretty neat to watch, despite the fact that one of them nearly ran me over!  The fact that it snowed the entire time we were out was also a major score.

Unfortunately, the unseasonably warm weather returned the following day and much of the snow has melted.  It is snowing as I write, however, and that leaves me hopeful that soon I can strap my skis on and have another go at it.


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